Chapter 13 - Servo

Servos are motorised actuators with typically 180 degrees of fairly accurate positional travel.
Side to side movement is called  'PAN', up and down movement is called 'TILT', dual axis is called 'Pan & Tilt'.
Single axis servos can be used for things like RC vehicle steering, solar cell sun tracking, ultrasonic transducer echo location etc.
Dual-axis platforms are typically used for CCTV Pan and Tilt aiming, and things like marble-balancing tables etc.
Pan and Tilt platform kits are available for about a fiver, but check that they do actually include the 2 servos.
These servos have 3 wires: 5v (usually red), 0v (usually black or brown), Data (usually white, yellow, or orange).
The servo contains its own motor driver, therefore the data signal wire connects directly to the designated gpio pin.

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