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This is where the grand wizard can hide things out of sight from others.

Francesco, this is a good place to add non-public comments which you can either delete when read, or keep as long-term reminders if wished.

SAM suggestion
SAM currently needs external intelligence to make him speak. But if he had a means to save .txt files to spiffs (perhaps a serial SAVE filename$ msg$ command), and ability to select them using ADC voltage ladder button network or unused gpio's switches, then he could be made to speak from a pre-defined set of saved phrases autonomously in response to various hardware trigger stimuli.
Eg: button 3 might read file TTS3, or ADC 600mV (+-50) might read file TTS6, etc.
cicciocb: good idea. I plan to release it as an open source as 99% of the code is already open.  In this way everybody will be able to do what he wants