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First Steps

These are the very first steps to do, just to begin :

Open AnnexToolKit, select the Serial Port, click on Connect and check the IP address shown in the Serial Monitor window 

In this case the Address is because it has been pre-configured to connect to my wifi router, otherwise the IP address will default to

Open a web browser window and select the IP address of the module. Click on Editor

Now you can simply type your program and save it on the internal disk.

We can start with a very simple program :

Type print "Hello World" in the editor window then click on Save As, name the program /program/test.bas then click on Save

You can see the in the Serial Monitor window that the file has been saved

Online Context-sensitive Help is available for any Annex command.
This requires the computer to be connected to the device and the internet at the same time.
So your computer either needs 2 network interfaces (one for the device and one for internet), or the device should be configured to logon to your wifi router so it is on the same subnet as the internet connection.

Online Help is very easy to use, if you want help for the PRINT command for example, simply put the cursor on the word print in the edit window and press the F2 key.

This popup window will appear:

Now you can run the program clicking on the Run button

In the Serial Monitor window you'll see the result

Now you can enjoy yourself into experimenting any program using the same logic.