Project - Simple UDP Dimmer

This very simple Network Mains Lamp Dimmer.Motor Speed Controller uses the Annex Toolkit UDP Console as a remote network controller.

An optional LED can be used as a PWM brightness/speed indicator if wished, ledpin can be changed from 15 to your own preferred gpio.

The Blue RGB slider is used to broadcast a numeric value between 0 and 255 which is translated by the script into a number between 0 (Off) to 100 (full On) to control the dimmer module.  See the demo video

The dimmer can also be controlled by entering a value between 0 and 255 into the 'Message to Send'
window and pressing 'Enter'.

A dimmer value could similarly be broadcast from an Annex device, eg:perhaps with onboard LDR to adjust for ambient light levels..
Note: Because UDP is broadcast to all devices on the subnet, multiple networked devices could be synced from the same controller.
'UDP Mains Dimmer - Electroguard - developed on Annex 1.41 beta 3
value=0                                          'startup brightness/speed level
dimmer.setup 4,5,0,1                       'configure dimmer module, 4 and 13 = zero crossing,  5 = pwm
dimmer.limits 0, 9500                       'configured for 50hz
dimmer.brightness value                   'set brightness to startup value
option.pwmfreq 100                          'reduce pwm frequency to reduce cpu load
ledpin=15                                        'optional pwm led indicator
pwm(ledpin)=value                            'set led brightness to startup value
udp.begin(5001)                                'change port number if wished, but must match with Toolkit UDP Console port setting
onudp udpRX                                    'incoming UDP interrupt handler

dimmer.brightness value
pause 10