Quick Start Summary

  • Unzip the Annex WI-Fi Basic package to a folder of your choice.
  • Connect your ESP device to your computer serial Com Port.
  • Run AnnexToolKit.exe from the unzipped parent folder.
  • Select the appropriate Module Type, Com Port, and Speed (Baud Rate).
  • If your ESP device is not capable of 'Auto-flash' then start it into flashing mode manually (gpio0 to 0v at bootup).
  • Click the yellow 'Flash Firmware + Data' button if doing a first-time flash, then follow the screen prompts.
  • After successful completion, the device will reboot and run the new firmware.
  • Connect wifi to the ESP SSID that will appear in the computers list of available Wifi SSIDs (takes a few seconds).
  • Browse to to open the default Output window, then right-click the Editor button to open it in a new tab.