Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the maximum number of variables that can be used ?
A: There is no limit to the number of variables, the only limit is the free memory available to store them in

Q: What is the free memory available ?
A: The free memory available after flashing the firmware is around 35 KBytes

Q: That does not seem very much memory available, is it enough ?
A: It is more than sufficient for any need. For comparison microphyton has less than 30KBytes

Q: What is the interpreter language ?
A: The language is based on a greatly extended version of BASIC


Q: What are the hardware requirements for Annex ?
A: Annex for ESP-8266 devices can be installed on almost any ESP-8266 device which has 1Mb or more of memory

Q: How many I/O pins are available?
A: It depends on the module, but by default all I/O pins are available except those used by the internal Flash chip (GPIO 6 to GPIO 11)

Q: Are any pins dedicated to a specific functionality ?
A: No, but it will depend on what hardware is connected, and the library needed for that hardware, such as for I2C and SPI etc

Q: Can Annex be used on ESP32 devices ?
A: Annex for ESP-8266 devices can only be used on ESP-8266 devices.

Q: Are there plans for an ESP32 version ?
A: Annex32 is already in advanced stages of development, but there is more to be added, and no plans to release yet


Q: Is Annex free, or will there be any license / royalty to pay ?
A: The public version of Annex is completely free for hobbyists, and will always remain free for personal use

Q: Will Annex ever time out ?
A: No, when the public version of Annex is installed in a module it will be be valid forever without any time limit

Q : If Annex is free, where I can find the source codes ?
A:  Annex is free, but it is not open source, so the source code is not available

Q: I sell modules based on the ESP8266, can I include Annex in the modules delivered to my customers?
A: No, it is not allowed to include and distribute the public version of Annex into any commercial product

Q: Is it possible to use Annex for commercial / paid purposes ?
A: No, the public version off Annex cannot be used for professional / commercial purposes without breaking the license agreement

Q: Are there plans for a commercial version of Annex ?
A: No, but a commercial version could be introduced if there was sufficient demand, perhaps with some enhancements