Your Pages

You guys are the pioneers, and it doesn't matter how much of a 'newbie' you are, cos all who follow in your footsteps will be even newer newbies.
Therefore this area is for you and everyone else, and will evolve with all of your contributions.
Whenever you have a 'light-bulb moment', or minor triumph, you have opportunity to help enlighten others with your newly gained experience.
So please contribute your experiences and triumphs here for others to also benefit from.
Contributions can be anything you think might be helpful or useful to others, such as...

Hints & Tips or Gotcha's
Code Snippets - anything that you find useful, perhaps a neat program trick, or something you keep on hand because you use it a lot
User Subroutines - these could be actual User Subs or just handy Subroutines and Functions which you find useful 
Script Examples - even just simple examples to help others better understand how to use a particular command or instruction or module
Hardware Examples - any info about interesting new hardware you may have tried
User Projects - present your pride and joy for all to see, and attach a project zip with all related files
Other Contributions - any positive contributions that do not fit into the other categories