Practical Workshop Tutorials

Note from Electroguard:
These contents are just an accumulation of my trial and error learning experiences as an enthusiastic non-programmer, so don't expect too much.
Both myself and Annex Basic have progressed a lot in that time, therefore some of the early triumphs now seem embarrassingly trivial or complex.
So there is much
room for improvement, but it is being offered for those who might appreciate such help until able to learn better for themselves.

These Practical Workshops aim to help system hobbyists (you) use CiccioCB's powerful Annex Basic to have fun making useful working projects.
It is suitable for complete beginners, and also for more experienced users, who can skip over any explanations to quickly reach the 'how-to's.
The many examples and demo's give a glimpse of what can be achieved, and offer a large source of snippets for copying and hacking to pieces.
Each chapter tries to offer any relevant useful information and present at least one practical project related to that chapter.
Many more are already in the pipeline, and many more are planned, and will follow as time and opportunity permit.
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