Project - Colour Wheel

RGB Colour Wheel Controller for Neo-pixels or Sonoff B1 Lamps

Simple and intuitive control of RGB LED lighting.

Optional 'Autosave' changes to file for reloading at next startup.

Optional title to differentiate between multiple devices.

The script requires Annex 1,41 beta 5 or later, plus the appropriate .js files to be available.

'RGB Colour Wheel for NeoPixels or Sonoff B1 Lamps - Electroguard - Developed on Annex 1,41 beta 5
title$="RGB Colour Wheel"           'title that will be displayed if not blank
sonoff=0                                      'set=1 if using a Sonoff B1 Lamp
neo=1                                         'set=1 if using neo-pixels, coonect data-in to gpio2
rgb$="a0a0a0"                             'initial startup RRGGBB value,  "0"=min Off, "ffffff"=max On
autosave=1                                  'set=1 to save last changed RGB values for reloading at next startup
if autosave=1 then                         'note: will over-ride the embedded RGB value
 delay=5000                                 'delay in ms before saving changed RGB values to file
 filename$="/previous"                   'change filename if wished, but prefix with /
 onerror skip
 if$(filename$) <> "" then rgb$$(filename$)
if neo=1 then
 pixels = 12                                    'declare how many pixels to be addressed (12 for this example)
 neo.setup pixels                            'initalise for declared number of pixels
 neo.strip 0, pixels-1,val("&h"+rgb$)  'display initial startup rgb$ value
if sonoff=1 then
 sonoffb1.init                                   'initialise Sonoff B1 Lamp
 sonoffb1.white 0,0                          'set white LEDs off
 sonoffb1.rgb val("&h"+rgb$)             'display initial startup rgb$ values
onhtmlchange change                     'subroutine branch to action browser screen changes
jsexternal "/html_obj.js"                   'object library - required for all
pause 500                                       'give time to load file
jsexternal "/iro.min.js"                      'required for COLORWHEEL
pause 500                                       'give time to load file
gosub screen                                   'send screen output to browser
wait                                                'wait for interrupt events

if HtmlEventVar$="rgb$" then
' wlog rgb$                                                           'uncomment to show returned rgb$ values in wlog window
 if neo=1 then neo.strip 0, pixels-1,val("&h"+rgb$)    'update neo-pixel LEDs
 if sonoff=1 then sonoffb1.rgb val("&h"+rgb$)            'update sonoff LEDs
if autosave=1 then timer0 delay, save
pause 10

onerror skip filename$ rgb$
timer0 0

if title$<>"" then
 a$=a$ + |<div style='display: table; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;font-size: 110%;'>|
 a$=a$ + |<font color="teal">|+title$+|</font><br>| 'else a$=a$+"<br>"
 a$=a$ + |</div><br>|
a$=a$ + |<div style='display: table; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;'>|
a$=a$ + |@COLORWHEEL(rgb$, |+rgb$+|, 200)|
a$=a$ + |</div><br>|
html a$

end  '-----------end------------