Will I ever have Annex32 working for me?

Recurrent H/W and software problems
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Will I ever have Annex32 working for me?

Post by Tinine »

Lilygo T-Pico3
Windows 11
Chrome and Edge Browsers

Module shows-up on COM-11
I click "Connect" in the Online Flasher and a box appears, showing available ports. I select the COM-11 and I get the report

failed to open serial port.png
Tried different known-good cables, uninstalling and reinstalling the com-port, rebooting, etc.
Installed Toolkit V1.1 and it also complains that the COM port doesn't exist.

Getting frustrated

Searched the forum but found nothing.
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Re: Will I ever have Annex32 working for me?

Post by cicciocb »

I suggest to change module as this is not the easiest to use. Anyway, you miss a jumper on the board to flash it


If you have an ESP32C3 upload error, please check this video. If you use a non-standard TYPE-C cable, the blue and green lights of the board will be on. At this time, it is impossible to judge which disconnection is C3. Please replace the data cable. The operation method in the video is to short-circuit the IO09 pad and GND before starting, and then plug it into the USB port. At this time, the ESP32C3 is in the waiting burning mode, and then write.
Jan Volk
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Re: Will I ever have Annex32 working for me?

Post by Jan Volk »

A question also came up on TheBackShed.com with this module and it is important to connect the module to the USB-C (Green Led on and GP9->GND) and start the online flasher and then give a reset pulse with a wire RUN->GND.
An old USB Hub can also cause problems in Windows 11, because the drivers may not have been updated yet.
If it is a Windows 11 problem then unfortunately I cannot recreate it.

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