Espnow.add_peer list

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Espnow.add_peer list

Post by Electroguard »

Eventually I plan to have a centrally maintained name=MAC list (perhaps using a word.param list) which all espnow devices retrieve at startup, or which can be pushed out to them all.
As well as simplifying maintenance, it would also be very useful for cross-referencing the returned onEspNowError MAC to a more user-friendly name string.
Plus it would allow the program to make appropriate automated responses.

So, is there any way to interact with the espnow.add_peer list ?
More specifically, to view all, and delete all ?

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

 gate1tx$="80:65:99:C8:A0:64"   '29     replacement for existing gate1tx
 gate1rx$="88:65:99:C8:9D:64"   '27     orig ok in attic
 gate2tx$="30:30:F9:72:05:2C"    '72     2 do     
 gate2rx$="EC:DA:3B:67:8B:90"   '74     2 do      
 speaker$="24:62:AB:F9:F5:B0"    '42
  'usb$="84:FC:E6:51:45:FC"       '15
  's3$ = "34:85:18:6F:E8:38"  '91
 espnow.add_peer gate1tx$
 espnow.add_peer gate2tx$
 espnow.add_peer gate1rx$
 espnow.add_peer gate2rx$
 espnow.add_peer speaker$
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Re: Espnow.add_peer list

Post by cicciocb »

you must manually handle add_peer and del_peer
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