How to choose an option for practical use?

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How to choose an option for practical use?

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Hello! This is the most wonderful software for ESP32 that I have found. I explored other options, including the WIFI version of the JAVA script interpreter, and found that all of them were inconvenient or unstable. And they also don’t have so many functions, but you need to constantly search for and connect all sorts of libraries.
This interpreter completely suits me and works very conveniently with a tablet, laptop and phone.
But I have a question. I bought several ESP32 WROOM DevKit v1 boards, and several simple phone batteries with built-in controllers. I want to create several small boxes with input and output connectors, recharging from USB. This is very convenient when you need to quickly do or try something. Such universal boxes with ready-made basic and environment solve 99% of all problems of any creative person.
But I can’t figure out which version of the environment is best for me to flash into such a box? There are so many versions and they are all so interesting in their descriptions. Tell me how should I choose?
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Re: How to choose an option for practical use?

Post by cicciocb »

HI bekel, welcome to the group.

Annex supports the whole suite of ESP chips, including the -C3, S2 and -S3.

In your case you already selected the ESP32 WROOM that, basically do not contains external PSRAM chip so you are limited by the internal RAM memory.

In this case, I suggest to use the versions without BLE as these versions have more RAM free available.

In any case, do not forget that you can change the firmware of the modules using OTA so you can do the updates at any moment.
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