GPIOs as input or output.

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GPIOs as input or output.

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Small subroutine to establish the ESP8266 GPIOs as inputs or outputs in a single line.
It will also work in the first 32 GPIOs of an ESP32 since GPIOs 6 to 11 are not available in this microcontroller either.

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

' ========================
' DECLARE SUB port(config)
' ========================
' Sets the ESP8266 GPIO as input or output: 1=output, 0=input
' most significant bit is GPIO16 (MSb); GPIO0 is LSb
' GPIO6 to GPIO11 are reserved, and therefore omitted in the config value.

port &B11111001111 ' GPIO 4 and 5 INPUT; rest OUTPUT


' -----------------------------
SUB port(config)
LOCAL gpio
  config =((config\64)*4032) + config  ' Insert zeros for GPIO 6 to 11
  for gpio = 0 to 16
    if (gpio<6) OR (gpio>11) then  ' skipping GPIO reserved
      if (config and (1 << gpio)) <> 0 then pin.mode gpio,output else pin.mode gpio,input ' [,pullup]
  next gpio 
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