New release 1.44.2 for ESP32

Here you'll find the updated available
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New release 1.44.2 for ESP32

Post by cicciocb »

Hi all,
after a long time I was finally able to release another version for the ESP32.

The main improvements are :
  • Support for the M5 Tough module
  • Support for the WIFI LORA 32 module
  • Support for the LoRa communications
  • Fast boot
  • Improved the websocket link for the editor page (should be stable now)
  • Updated online Help
Many other changes / additions / improvements have been included.
Look at the change log below for more details

Version Full 1.44.2

Version without BLuetooth 1.44.2

AnnexCam 1.44.2

AnnexPaper 1.44.2

Offline Help (must be unzipped)

The complete change log can be found here :

Code: [Local Link Removed for Guests]

Annex32 Change Log
Version 1.44.2
Implemented the support for the M5 Tough module
	- RTC, TFT, Touch, SDCARD, Sound and power management fully supported
Implemented the support for the WIFI LoRa 32 module
	- Implemented the support for the LORA SX127X modules
Fixed the problem with the AUTOREFRESH command
Config Page
	- Removed the NTP server choice (was not really used internally)
	- Modified the selection of the supported modules
	- Included the selection of the display (independently from the Module itself)
	- Add of new option for the fast boot
Removed the time required for the PSRAM test (around 1 second)
Implemented the fast boot 
	- Runs the program immediatly without waiting for the initial WiFi connection
	- Bypass the TFT display initialisation
Editor Page
	- Improved the connection with the module using a ping / pong mechanism to hold the connection
Implemented a mechanism to simplify the definition of wiring for new modules 
	- Will be fully exploited in next version
Implemented the support for the internal HALL sensor
	- function BAS.HALL
Implemented a function that returns the type of TFT display selected in the config page
	- function BAS.TFT
TM1637 display
	- Implemented the support for the decimal points for 4 digits display

Version 1.43.7
Removed the warning message in case of memory not allocated
	- It was causing a lot of error messages for modules not equipped with PSRAM

Version 1.43.6
Update of the Arduino SDK to the version 2.0.2
Implemented a new driver for the CAN Bus
Implemented the loading of the Basic file into the PSRAM for modules equipped with it
Improved the RAM usage (more free ram available, even for modules without PSRAM)
Implemented an warning message in case of memory not allocated (for debug purposes)
Bluetooth version
	- Fixed the problem occurring during the scan
	- Removed the support for the face detect / face recognition (not really useful)
SPEECH SYNTHESIS using google translate
	- Fixed (the protocol changed)
	- Fixed
TM1637 display
	- Implemented the support for the 6 digits Display with decimal points
	- Implemented a new output selection in PDM format
	- Improved the buffering using PSRAM, useful in particular for web radio streaming
	- Implemented the support for web radios using the HTTP 1.0 protocol 
Several internal errors fixed, several optimisations
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Re: New release 1.44.2 for ESP32

Post by Stuart »

Great stuff, as always. Is it just a matter of replacing the Annex32.bin in the 1.43 Full build folder with the new file? Does the non-bluetooth file have to be renamed Annex32.bin? I ask as I have had trouble using the 1.43.7 upgrade so am probably doing something wrong.
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Re: New release 1.44.2 for ESP32

Post by PeterN »

Hi Stuart,
I replaced the bin-files in the build directory exactly as you described it.
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