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New public version 1.40 available

posted Jan 10, 2020, 3:12 PM by ciccio cb
Updated version 1.40 and AnnexToolkit 1.09
Includes many new features / fixes (synthesis) :

- Included the support for 8MB and 16MB modules
- Addition of the TEXTAREA html object
- Addition of the support for binary and octal constants
- Addition of Watchdog timer
- Addition of the SSL support for WGET and WGETASYNC
- Addition of the TIMEZONE support
- Addition of the errors management handler (ONERROR.GOTO)
- Many improvements
- Many minor changes, fixes

This is the detailed change log (from the previous 1.38 public version).
It can be also find inside the "change log" tab of the toolkit :

Version 1.39 beta 8
- fixed FTP connection problem

Version 1.39 beta 7
- fixed problem 16MB modules rebooting after format
- fixed the size of the backup file generated in the toolkit
Addition of another option in the config page to enable the fast boot 
Addition of the HTML Textarea object
- function TEXTAREA$(variable [, id] )
- Lines must be separated with chr$(13)
Updated online 1.39 help

Version 1.39 beta 6
- fix of wrong value transmitted when passing numeric variable arguments to SUB
Addition of the &b and &o prefix to define binary and octal numbers
Addition of the Watchdog functions
- OPTION.WDT delay (example OPTION.WDT 1000 'set the WDT at 1000 msec)
- OPTION.WDTRESET resets the Watchdog timer; must be run regularly to avoid reset
Addition of the function BAS.RESETREASON
- Returns the reason of the last reset; the values follow the table below:
    REASON_DEFAULT_RST      = 0,    /* normal startup by power on */
REASON_WDT_RST          = 1,    /* hardware watch dog reset */
REASON_EXCEPTION_RST    = 2,    /* exception reset, GPIO status won’t change */
REASON_SOFT_WDT_RST     = 3,    /* software watch dog reset, GPIO status won’t change */
REASON_SOFT_RESTART     = 4,    /* software restart ,system_restart , GPIO status won’t change */
REASON_DEEP_SLEEP_AWAKE = 5,    /* wake up from deep-sleep */
REASON_EXT_SYS_RST      = 6     /* external system reset */
Modification of the startup process
- The program runs immediately without waiting for the WiFi connection
- The WiFi connection will start a little bit later
- If the command WIFI.SLEEP is executed at the beginning of the program
  the wifi will be disabled and the module will start in power save mode
Addition of the command WIFI.APMODE SSID$, PASS$ [, channel]
- Put the module in WIFI AP mode (complimentary to WIFI.CONNECT for STA mode)
Addition of activity indication (dots) during the SPIFFS format phase
Addition of the support for 8 MBytes and 16 Mbytes modules
Improved the Check Disk and Format feedback on the console (prints points to show activity)
Removed unused command SOCKET
Updated online 1.39 help

Version 1.39 beta 5
- fix of error generated when using multiple arguments in CASE
- fix of error generated when passing string arguments to SUB

Version 1.39 beta 4
- fix of the space$ function (wrong characters and crashes)
- fix of Arrays passed to the SUB (not working properly)
Updated online 1.39 help

Version 1.39 beta 3
- Fix of instr (offset)
- Fix of onHtmlChange event
- Fix of DATEUNIX giving the wrong value
Config page
- The timezone is can also be defined as POSIX_TZ 
Addition of the function WPOST$ for HTTP POST request 
- Can also use the secure port 443 (SSL)
Version 1.39 beta 2
- Addition of the secure port 443 (SSL)
- Addition of an extra option that includes the header (useful for debug purposes)
- Minor improvements of the WGET function
Error Management
- Addition of the command ONERROR GOTO label
- Jumps to an error handler routine.
- using RETURN returns to the line following the error
- Addition of the constant BAS.ERRLINE
- Returns the line number that generated the error
- fixed the "next without for" error message when using NEXT with a wrong variable
NOT bitwise operator
- fixed for numbers greather than &h7fffffff
- fixed a crash when causing an Out Of Memory
Addition of the function WORD.EXTRACT$
- extract a substring based on a lead and trail text
- addition of an extra option to MAXSCROLL.SETUP
- Enable the use of reversed digits modules 
- included an extra parameter to MQTT.CONNECT
- permit to define an arbitrary text ID
- it is now possible to define empty login and password (for server without login)
FILE command
- Addition of FILE.APPEND to append content to an existing file
- Implemented the creation of directory on the server if not existing
INSTR function
- Now using a negative start value search from the end of the string 
Several optimisations
- rewritten some routines to reduce binary size
Uploaded online 1.39 help

Version 1.39 beta 1
Changed the driver for the Neopixels
- Based on H/W Serial Port 1
- Limited for using pin GPIO2
- Fixes conflict with the PWM / Tone generation
- addition of the command NEOPIXEL.BRIGHTNESS
- fixed the crash when the FTP server send a long welcome message
Fixed issue for nested select case

Toolkit 1.09

Version 1.09
- Removed a limitation on the long file names
Version 1.08
- Auto recognition of the module size during the flash process
- Corrected partition size for the 16MB modules
- Addition of the IP address info in the Backup / Restore page
- Some cleaning / optimisations
- For internal development
- Autoflash
- Addition of partition generation for ESP32
Version 1.07
- Addition of the support for 8 Mbytes and 16 Mbytes ESP8266 modules
Version 1.06
- Addition of the 1500000 and 3000000 bauds
Version 1.05
- The serial port is closed when the serial monitor is closed
- The Serial port monitor window is restored when clicking on the Serial Monitor button